It’s the first full week of spring and, as usual, there are lots of stories in the news about asbestos:

The “third wave” of asbestos related-illnesses is coming soon. Right now, about 20% of cases are in women, but that number is expected to rise as illnesses caused by exposure during home renovations begin to outnumber those caused by exposure at work.

The World Health Organization reports that cases of asbestos-related illnesses increased dramatically between 2006 and 2010, even though asbestos production and use has dramatically decreased.

Improper asbestos removal practices not only lead to health problems for workers and customers, they can also lead to big fines.

New EPA regulations for asbestos could affect vermiculite.

Firefighting in older homes brings extra dangers–possible asbestos exposure.

If you are considering renovations in your older home, remember that asbestos removal is not a DIY project! Make sure to hire a reputable asbestos removal company like Microtech Environmental Services to ensure that neither you nor your family will be exposed to this known carcinogen.