Lead Paint Removal

Our Lead & Lead Paint Removal Services:

Microtech Environmental Services, Corp. is the leading provider of Lead Paint Removal and Lead Abatement in the Metro New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut area.

Since 1992, our staff consists of the most technically-trained lead abatement professionals in the business.

lead paint wipe - CopyLead Abatement Techniques:

Our lead removal techniques include the following:


  • PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) (hazmat suit, respirator, etc.)
  • Containment
    • Enclosure
    • Air purification system
    • HEPA vacuum

Removal Techniques:

  • Mechanical tooling, chemical paint stripping, abrasive blasting, brushes, scrapers are used for lead paint removal
  • Abrasive blasting of tanks and exterior structures
  • Chemical stripping paint and coating removal
  • Ice Blasting (dry ice machine to freeze and fracture paint from the surface)
  • High Phosphate Wash (wet mopping and washing)
  • Lead dust and particle removal using a HEPA vacuum

If you’d like, we can also arrange for lead testing and transportation as well as replacement of components.

Lead Testing:

We suggest using professional Lead Testing firms. Microtech can coordinate the testing for you or recommend one.

Lead Testing Methods:

  • XRF gun will let you know how much lead is present
  • Lab Test (certified lab) includes a paint sample (cut on 45 degree angle)
  • Test kit (EPA approved) can be used on site to quickly determine if lead-based paint is present

Soil Testing for lead uses a TCLP (Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure) to ascertain the waste toxicity.

Lead Regulations:

Buildings and any structure built before 1978 have a high potential to contain dangerous lead in paint, dust, air, water, and soil nearby. Lead has been known to cause serious health risks to individuals.

The EPA has created new mandatory regulations for all renovation, remodels, and repair contractors. If they remove more than five square feet of lead paint, replace windows with existing lead paint, and/or demolish a structure with lead, they must be Lead Certified (our technicians are).

Lead-based Products:

Lead Paint:

  • Paint
  • Wall
  • Ceiling
  • Window, window sill and frame
  • Door and door frame
  • Stair, railing, and banister
  • Porch and fence
  • Exterior siding


  • Plumbing, Pipes
  • Products (blinds)
  • Soil (paint chips and dust falling)
  • Drinking water (lead pipes)
  • Toys (made outside of the USA toys, placed in kids mouths)
  • Jewelry (old, antique)
  • Home remedies (Greta and Azarcon)

Lead Poisoning:

Lead can damage the brain and other vital organs, including the kidneys, nerves and blood. Headaches, unconsciousness, stomach pain, behavioral problems, delayed development, anemia (damages red blood cells, which reduces oxygen and calcium absorption), bone deterioration, muscle break down, kidney | renal failure, nervous system damage, speech | language problems, hearing loss, darker hair, and seizures are some of the symptoms.