Asbestos roofing material is very familiar with the public, other than it’s cheap and easy installation, because the asbestos roof has a light weight so it does not require a special construction gording. Materials made of asbestos for the building we often see the wave of asbestos (used for roofing), asbestos plate (used for ceiling or partition). Because of its heat-resistant, soundproof and waterproof, asbestos commonly used in isolating the heating pipes, and also used mainly for acoustic panels.

Why asbestos is included in the category of material that is extremely dangerous, because we know asbestos fibers consist of a very small, about – about thinner than 1/700 of our hair, these fibers do not evaporate in the air and not soluble in water, if inhaled by the lungs will settle there and can cause various diseases.

Asbestos can harm our body if any part is broken, so that the fibers can be separated, it is difficult to detect the defective part.
Other conditions are particularly at risk when asbestos is cut or repaired. When the cut will be issued in the form of flakes powder, which is very harmful to our lungs.

How to reduce the Negative Effects Asbestos:
– If you use the asbestos roof, use a ceiling to prevents dust and asbestos fibers falling into the house.
– Replace asbestos once every 5 years, although there are no signs of damage.
– Currently working on asbestos, use masks.
– Make good ventilation, good ventilation will reduce the effects of radon gas asbestos contained herein.
– Painting the asbestos is not a solution to prevent asbestos inhaled by us, although painted damaged asbestos will remain the same impact.

Asbestos causing Diseases….
1. Asbestosis.
That injury to the lungs, causing difficulty breathing and can lead to death.
2. Mesothelioma.
Is a kind of cancer that attacks the lining of the abdomen and chest, mesothelioma symptoms emerged after 20-30 years since first inhalation of asbestos
3. Lung cancer.
In a country of developed countries, white asbestos is classified as a carcinogen (cancer causing substances).

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